JAEGGI – Expert in hybrid Recooling

As hybrid cooler experts with extensive systems competence we can offer you

  • premium quality
  • long-lasting products and
  • excellent service

For JAEGGI, customer service comes first. We will competently answer all your questions about our products and services.
We configure our coolers to match the precise requirements of our customers:

  • according to the seasonal ambient temperature at the unit location and
  • the anticipated plant load profile

The HYBRIMATIC  - Control intelligent controller ensures that the expected water and energy savings are achieved during operation. Our intelligent cooler technology has been under continuous development for over twenty years. We have our own R & D department to maintain our position at the forefront of current technology.

We look ahead. Dwindling resources are rapidly making water end energy important expense factors. JAEGGI has realized this early on and developed energy- and water-saving cooling technologies. Investing in resource-friendly technologies is worthwile even today and will be essential tomorrow.

Over 3000 of our coolers have been sold, showing that we always deliver on our promises – reliable products with short pay-back times, for new and retrofit installations.

JAEGGI – the original

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