We do our part for the betterment of society

At JAEGGI, our actions are based on an awareness of our responsibility to our employees and the greater society. To respect and support social values to the highest degree is one of our key guiding principles. For this reason, JAEGGI makes every effort to meet its social responsibilities by offering assistance in specific, definite ways. That's because we know that business success brings with it social responsibility – and as part of the larger society we regard this responsibility not just as an obligation to be fulfilled but as an investment in our common future.

Working together to improve society

We consider our investments in social projects at the local level to be a fundamental, concrete expression of our social responsibility. That's why JAEGGI contributes to related groups and social services within the district surrounding Basel, Swiss. This means that we support programs that are close to us and directly aid them through donations or projects. It's important to us to share our success with others in a way that leads to specific social benefits.

For several years already, JAEGGI has supported the KiFa Foundation each year with a donation. >>

JAEGGI is convinced by the concept of the Foundation for Children with Cancer in Basle and supports it with an annual donation. >>

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