Health and Safety at JAEGGI

We take definite steps to increase the quality of life of our employees. These steps help to safeguard their health and improve their on-the-job performance.

As a company that operates worldwide, we also understand our social obligations to our employees and customers around the world. The health, safety and protection of our staff has a higher priority than mere business success, for we know that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our comprehensive provisions in place to ensure occupational health and safety demonstrate our commitment to this ideal.

In this respect, we strive to create a safe, hazard-free work environment. We achieve this end by adhering to and continuously improving our safety regulations applying to every production step. For instance, we consider continuous maintenance and testing of production equipment to be standard operating procedure. Our commitment to occupational health and safety not only covers our employees in production and management but also the careful design and construction of our products to ensure an equal degree of safety for system installers and operators.

Our employees regularly receive instruction in safe work practices. In addition, all new hires are trained to increase their awareness of environmentally responsible use of resources at their workplaces. This training is repeated each year to reinforce this information and ensure that it remains up to date.

Furthermore, in all our daily activities at all of our locations worldwide we make sure to meet our responsibilities to society. For instance, our production plants are located in mixed-use areas that contain both industrial facilities and homes. This close proximity of both workplace and residence is made possible by our commitment to keeping noise emissions and pollutant levels resulting from our production processes low enough to preclude them from negatively affecting nearby residential areas.

In order to best achieve our stated goals for employee safety and environmental protection, we employ recognized, well-established technologies and methods for ensuring safe workplaces and for protecting the areas surrounding all company locations. These technologies and methods are a fundamental step for achieving these goals.

Further expansion of workplaces while keeping them hazard-free along with protection of the environment are top priorities in conducting our business activities: when developing new products and making investment decisions as well as when working with suppliers and customers.

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