Quality at JAEGGI

At JAEGGI, quality means meeting the expectations and requirements that our customers have of our products and services. In fact, it means exceeding customer expectations in all aspects of our relationship in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Quality Management
Our quality management program applies to the entire range of products that we make, including those in the following areas:

  • Standard products
  • Customized product solutions designed to meet specific customer needs
  • Devices for cooling power generation and transmission systems

Top Quality Right from the Start
At JAEGGI, the requirements and expectations of our customers are what set our standards when further developing existing products and devising new ones. This means that these requirements and expectations form an integral part of our initial planning and design work. We also apply this same standard to optimizing our quality control methods and guidelines, which are key factors in our product development processes. .

In selecting our suppliers, at JAEGGI we are constantly seeking to forge long-standing partnerships based on trust and cooperation. It’s fundamental that it takes top-quality goods from skilled, capable suppliers for us to produce our own high-quality products. To ensure that this remains the case, we also work closely with our suppliers when further developing and improving our products.

A Uniform Standard of Quality Worldwide
We ensure the consistent high quality of our products through a systematic program of testing, approval and release. This program means that we can guarantee that our products, regardless of the Güntner location at which they are made, all meet the same high standard.

ISO 9001 Certification
Certification Furthermore, all of our locations are certified in accordance with the international quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001.

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