At JAEGGI, we take our extended responsibility to society and the environment very seriously. For this reason, protection and conservation of natural resources are high on our list of priorities. Our company’s environmental policies are a permanent part of our commitment to sustainable development. Throughout the Güntner Group, this approach is a firm, integral part of our company’s strategies, processes and daily activities. Each and every day, in all our actions, we keep a strong focus on conserving resources and protecting the environment. We want our contribution to protecting the environment and ensuring the occupational health and safety of our workers to yield sustained improvements.

Our Goals
We make every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. That’s why we concentrate on developing efficient, high-quality, long-life products. Furthermore, we continuously improve our production processes in order to keep the resulting pollutants to a minimum.

Efficient Use of Resources in Production
It’s important to us to reduce our effect on the environment by using low-impact production processes. We continuously optimize our production processes to keep emissions to a minimum and to conserve resources. To achieve this end, we employ the most modern and efficient production technologies. An excellent example of this approach is our powder-coating system, whose use has resulted in improved air quality in work areas. We’ve been able to greatly reduce the energy required by this system by lowering the baking temperatures. In addition, our powder-coating system has a closed wastewater system, which greatly reduces the amount of water that it uses.

Energy-Efficient Operation of Company Buildings
In addition to efficient use of resources in our production facilities, we also place great emphasis on energy-efficient building and facility management. This particularly concerns optimization of the lighting, HVAC systems and insulation in our buildings in order to minimize their daily energy requirements.

Waste Management and Recycling of Raw Materials
All reusable raw materials are recycled as appropriate. We continuously improve our production processes with a view toward continuously increasing the share of recycled materials, thus decreasing our environmental impact. On our company grounds, all waste materials are gathered and sorted to separate recyclable from non-recyclable materials. Due to the nature of our business, metal waste forms a large part of our production scrap and residue (ferrous metals, stainless steel, copper and aluminium). In this case, we outsource the recycling and disposal of these materials to companies specializing in this work. When it comes to handling hazardous waste, our partner companies are exemplary market leaders using technologies conforming to international standards. 

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