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Data centre cooling using hybrid dry coolers

Before deciding on the optimal technology to invest in for data centre cooling, a careful review of the local climate and the internal requirements is performed. Cooling technologies are available that differ in terms of how they work, however operating costs can also be saved simply by changing operating parameters and using intelligent system technology.

Innovative and sustainable dry cooling with hybrid or adiabatic dry coolers

Whether it be climate protection, resource conservation or cost reduction – energy efficiency is the order of the day and is a hot topic not only among politicians but also in many companies. The EER value (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is particularly worthy of note: it indicates how energy-efficient refrigeration chillers are. The higher the value, the more energy-efficient the chiller. In the case of dry cooling plants, however, not only the energy efficiency but also the water consumption needs to be assessed in order to ensure efficient dry cooling. With hybrid cooling technology, the company JAEGGI provides a dry cooling system which combines maximum energy efficiency with minimal water consumption.

Recooling system cooling circuit, introduction, assessment, evaluation of
economic efficiency

Today, the market provides a wide range of recooling systems for cooling cycles. Thus, the planner and the operator have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems in order to make the right choice. The following paper will introduce the different recooling systems and explain their limitations of their economic use. Especially the unique hybrid dry coolers by JAEGGI Hybridtechnology AG that work on a patented principle and are characterized by an extraordinary economic operation will be introduced and explained. Furthermore, a possibility to calculate the annual operating expenses of a hybrid cooling system as compared to a cooling tower system will be introduced. Especially the influence of the reduced cooling water temperature in order to improve the refrigerator’s efficiency (COP Coefficient of Performance) and its influence on the recooling system’s operating costs will be discussed.

Energy efficient cooling of data centers with hybrid dry coolers

In view of climate change and ecological challenges, environment- friendly and sustainable IT is a central topic and has been discussed accordingly at the CeBIT 2010. The aim is to use energy resources more efficiently and to reduce the emission of CO2. Special attention needs to be paid to maximum energy efficiency – i.e. the optimization of energy consumed per performance unit. The most important step away from high power consumption and towards a better climate balance is to increase energy efficiency.

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