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ADC High Density


ADC High Density: Maximum performance with a small footpring

When developing the adiabatic dry cooler ADC High Density, achieving maximum power density was a key priority. These units are therefore ideal for high-power applications such as the cooling of IT systems.

Modular industrial design – tidy and practical

The benefits of the ADC High Density dry cooler at a glance

  • High Density – very large heat exchanger surface over the entire height of the unit
  • Use of high-performance super-low-noise fans
  • Generally, no water treatment required
  • Individual configuration, ideal dimensions, easy bringing-in procedure
  • Easy inspections, cleaning and maintenance
  • Adiabatic pre-cooling boosts performance
  • Intelligent controller reduces operating costs
  • Safe and hygienic operation – aerosol and vapour free

Compact and powerful

Even in dry operation, the extremely compact cube with a minimal footprint offers huge power and thus a high switch point for activating the adiabatic pre-cooling unit – saving you money in the process!

The adiabatic pre-cooling unit is attached over the entire height of the cube for maximum performance.

All mounted parts and components are integrated into the casing.

Even the fan cannot be seen from the outside.



Super-low-noise fans

With the aerodynamically optimized industrial fans, high airflow volumes and low noise emissions are achieved in spite of the high pressure loss across the heat exchanger and the pre-cooling unit. The unit’s recessed fans ensure optimum air distribution over the entire face area.

The highly efficient industrial fans are driven by IE3 standard motors and have a very low energy consumption. The speed of the fans is controlled by the intelligent controller.

No water treatment

The particular advantage of the pre-cooling unit lies in the fact that normal municipal water can be used.

As a result, there is no need for water treatment such as softening or desalination and no need for biocides.

Because the heat exchangers remain dry, there is no risk of deposits and corrosion – unlike with sprayed coolers.

Individual configuration, ideal dimensions, easy bringing-in procedure

Our experts will configure the ADC HD specifically for your application and optimize it for use in your system. This is the only way of optimally dimensioning the dry coolers and minimising the cost of operating the entire system.

The ADC High Density offers further advantages for transportation and bringing-in procedure: ideal dimensions for low-loader transport, torsion-resistant construction, factory-fitted transport lugs, simple crane transport WITHOUT lifting beam.

Easy inspections, cleaning and maintenance

The ADC HD is easy to work in. Thanks to a large lockable inspection door, all internal components can be accessed quickly and easily. This makes all inspection, servicing and maintenance work easier.

Talking of service, not only are all spare parts available anywhere in the world, our service staff can assist you if you request this. The service includes all work which is necessary over the entire life cycle – from commissioning to disassembly.

Adiabatic pre-cooling boosts performance

The performance requirements as regards dry cooling technologies have been increasing for years. At the same time, the space available for installing units is becoming more and more limited. By developing our compact ADC High Density with an adiabatic pre-cooling system, we cater for these requirements and thus offer a high-performance solution for a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to their large heat exchanger surfaces, ADC HD units offer excellent performance even in dry operation. The system thus has a high switch point for activating the pre-cooling unit.

Thanks to the pre-cooling unit, the dry coolers achieve fluid outlet temperatures with an approach temperature (approaching the wet bulb temperature) of approx. 5 – 6 K.

Intelligent controller reduces operating costs

The smart HYBRIMATIC control unit continuously records the amount of water applied, the speed of the fans and the state of the ambient air. This reduces your operating costs without any loss of performance, thus saving you money.

The necessary information for this such as the fan speed is read out from the Güntner Motor Management GMM via the bus communication. This speed information can alternatively be transmitted using a 0 – 10-volt signal.

Safe and hygienic operation

The clever design of the ADC High Density takes into account the recognized technical rules when it comes to the hygienic operation of evaporative cooling systems. The pre-cooling unit with humidification fluid is completely separate from the heat exchanger; the heat exchanger remains completely dry as well as aerosol and vapour-free. The humidification controller supplies the easily replaceable humidification pads – which protect the heat exchanger thanks to their filtering effect – only with the amount of water needed depending on the particular situation. This minimizes water consumption and prevents standing water. In the event of inactivity, the pre-cooling unit is automatically drained. The factory-fitted feed water line can also be drained or ventilated via the unit.

Technical details

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