HTV Hybrid High Performance

150 - 3100 kW

HTV Stage Blue

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HTV Hybrid High Performance


The HTV Hybrid High Performance  extends the successful HTK Hybrid Dry Cooler – HTK Hybrid High Performance  product range. Our expertise from years of experience and a multitude of different applications within industry and air conditioning technology have been integrated in the development of a HTV Hybrid High Performance .



Your benefits:

  • Economic and resource-friendly
  • Premium quality
  • Great system competence
  • High application flexibility
  • Technology and market leader in hybrid dry cooling and condensing

Technical details

  • Year-round high EER of refrigerating machine
  • Low condensing temperature (reference value wet bulb temperature)
  • Gliding condensing temperature possible
  • Little space requirement/great power density
  • Good refrigeration cycle controllability
  • Very good thermal power regulation (continuous fan speed, separate wetting activation)
  • Low noise emission
  • Year-round plume-free operation
  • Dry operation at cool, wet outdoor conditions
  • Hygienic operation with little maintenance
  • Good access to all relevant areas
  • Short payback period
  • Low operating costs due to low electricity and water consumption


Hybrid condensers in «Ozeaneum Stralsund»

Hybrid condensers in «Ozeaneum Stralsund»

The German Marine Museum (Deutsches Meeresmuseum) concentrates on marine science and fishing. As an addition to the original museum in the historic centre of Stralsund, the OZEANEUM was opened in summer of 2008, a museum showing the underwater world of the northern seas as well as exhibits of marine research. Walking through the aquariums, the visitors are taken on a journey from the harbour of Stralsund through the North Sea and all the way to the Arctic Ocean.


Project description (203 KB)


  • Integrated or separate upstream desuperheating cooler
  • Protective mesh screen to prevent large amounts of organic material from getting into the cooler
  • Fan silencers to minimise acoustic emissions of fans
  • Control of highly efficient EC fans via GMM (Güntner Motor Management)
  • External water tank for feeding in wetting water
  • UV lamps in the wetting basin to prevent biological growth
  • Fan extensions for connection to enclosure
  • Winter curtains to prevent contamination of coolers that are periodically taken out of operation
  • Bespoke structural modifications are possible for special installations

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