Hybrid Dry Cooler with self-draining function

100 - 2000 kW

HTK-SE Reference 1
HTK-SE Reference 2
HTK-SE Reference 3

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  • Machine Cooling
  • Process Cooling
  • Power Distribution Processes


Hybrid Dry Cooler with self-draining function


Your advantages:

  • Hygienic operation with low maintenance costs
  • No contamination of the primary circuit
  • Low-temperature cooling water
  • Small footprint
  • Up to 10dB quieter than a cooling tower
  • Year -round plume-free operation
  • Short payback period: Low operating costs, lower water consumtion, low enery consumtion


HTK-SE optimised for glycol-free operation

Exhibits the following advantages compared to a conventional system with 30/70 % glycol/water mixture:

  • 10 % higher heat capacity
  • Lower temperature level, enabling higher EER
  • Requires less dry cooler performance
  • Permits smaller pumps and pipework
  • Eco-friendly operation using pure water, no need for water-polluting substances such as glycol
  • No glycol collection basin required
  • No deterioration of the glycol charge
  • No need for plate heat exchangers to segregate systems
  • Dry cooler can be drained and is therefore frost-proof

Technical details

Unique JAEGGI self-draining function

  • The coils of the self-draining HTK SE dry cooler are angled to ensure complete drain.
  • To protect the system from corrosion, the drain into an existing frost-proof storage tank is necessary.

Optimised for water as heat carrier

  • With JAEGGI self-draining function
  • Purely mechanical solution
  • Special coil geometry
  • The primary circuit can be drained without activating any electrical or mechanical components.

Construction can be modified to suit your particular premises

  • Modular series with a variety of dimensions and heights
  • Height: 3 – 5 m
  • Length: 3 – 6 m
  • Power range: 200 – 2,000 kW

Modular system for easy on-site assembly

  • Pre-assembled unit
  • Large-scale units are delivered with unmounted fan units
  • Delivered on a low-bodied vehicle
  • In inclement weather, the unit may be delivered in a plastic film wrapping
  • Ready for single crane lift off truck into position on the site

System comparison: Replacing an open cooling tower by the HTK-SE


Anti-pollen filters

  • To minimise the introduction of biological contaminants into the low volume basin

UV sterilisation

  • To minimise biological growth in the low volume basin, also includes basin covers. The alternative to biocides.

Exhaust attenuators

  • To further reduce noise emissions

Fan optimisation

  • To further reduce noise emissions
  • Air flow optimisation

Heater for low volume basin

  • Allows for wet operation also during lower external temperatures

Winter curtains

  • To minimise the introduction of contaminants when the equipment is unused for long periods

Insulated headers

  • To reduce the heat required when re-filling the unit at low external temperatures

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